What Is Your Proudest Achievement in SEO?

As we all know the days of putting advertising in the newspaper & waiting by the phone to receive queries are over. With search engines, everyone’s business is listed with all sorts of information- maps, phone numbers, email & more. If you have a website, it means you are present on the web. But unfortunately, not everyone will show up as an answer to a user query. The Ideal way to get your business found is by doing “SEO” Like most things worth understanding, learning to leverage search takes practice. In fact, it’s more appropriate to say that learning to use search effectively is a skill—an ongoing, iterative activity, and a process that never truly ends once started. Your clients are searching for answers on Google and other search engines that should take them to your digital doorway. The question is: are you prepared to welcome them? If you do take a step, are you sure how you’ll measure your success? It all boils down to KPIs—that is, examining the KPIs is how you quantify your SEO efforts.  
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proudest achievement in seo