What is E-A-T in SEO?

In search Engine optimization there are various topics which are very important and should be discussed in depth. Many Search Engine Optimization Specialists like me try to decipher the algorithms in google on how to rank your website in Number 1. All we want is our web pages to rank in google and people get to consume the content we produce. 

Google’s E-A-T for SEO has been discussed since 2018. The Google E-A-T principal measures the content on the basis of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Let’s explain this briefly for more understanding.

Expertise: Let’s take the example of Bank, A Bank is a financial institution, they know about savings, interests, loans, credit cards and digital banking, etc. they are experts of finance and financial related topics. So, Google is getting better everyday detecting the knowledge and experience of the writers. So they can rank the contents which are written by experts on that topic.

Authority: Authority is about the brand’s website and how people view your website. If the users see your website as a valuable source of information then they will write articles about your brands and link them back to your website. Google measures authority by measuring the number of backlinks. The authority of the website or page that connects to your website is important in this regard. Collecting relevant backlinks was already a crucial component of SEO, and the E-A-T concept will make it even more so.

 Trustworthiness: The website must be dependable, manage sensitive information, and provide a functional user experience. Implementing the E-A-T in SEO principles in your content not only improves your ranking but also builds trust with your viewers.

The Principle of E-A-T in Search Engine Optimization.

It makes perfect sense to adhere to the E-A-T in SEO principles. It raises the standard of your material. According to Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, one of the top three variables in search results is content. Better findability is ensured by high-quality content, and one of the most crucial foundations for establishing high quality in SEO is the E-A-T concept.

Websites with a poor reputation and those that are rarely “eat-able,” according to recent Google adjustments, have plummeted the most. Experts draw the conclusion that Google is increasingly placing weight on trustworthiness as a result. How does Google accomplish that?

How the E-A-T Principle Work in Search Engine Optimization

The Google Algorithm

How high you appear in the search results is determined by this algorithm, which has been in use for years. This algorithm is capable of learning and is constantly changing. Google employs assessors in addition to the algorithm to assess content. On a scale from “lowest” to “highest,” they rank the quality of the content you provide for websites. Of course, they don’t do that for all websites, but their feedback aids Google in assessing algorithm adjustments. 


Many people say that, “I am an expert in my field. My website has accurate content that is based on knowledge and facts that demonstrate experience. So why do I appear so low in the search results? In addition to evaluating the accuracy of your material, Google also considers how much you write about a particular topic and how many people regard your information as authoritative by, for example, linking to it. Therefore, such backlinks are a crucial sign. Your online authority is regarded to be larger the more backlinks you have.

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How to improve and demonstrate E-A-T In SEO

Keeping the Content Up to date

Nobody likes a website whose most recent piece of unique content was published a year and a half ago. This is a proven method to make even your most dedicated visitors forget about your website. There are an abundance of available sources in the information age, and make no mistake – if you don’t take the appropriate steps, your visitors will soon become someone else’s. Aside from that, search engine crawlers will not tolerate a website that is not constantly updated. You will soon find yourself on results pages that no one visits. That’s why keeping your content fresh and updated is mandatory to show your contents are trustworthy.

Link Building 

Link building is the process of authority building of your website. SEO values the link from other sites. If you have a website and want to get traffic from search engines, you must continually obtain solid connections from relevant websites. It means you need to develop links. Strong social skills, outstanding communication, persistence, and originality are required for link building. It combines marketing, sales, and psychology. In order to demonstrate you have authority over your contents and contents of the website, Link building is one of the important aspects of SEO and E-A-T.

Keep the Correct Stats and Figures

Stats and figures must be up-to-date and should be correct. The Stats that are used in your blogs and articles must be factually correct. It also should match if done cross verifications by any third party. So keeping your facts and stats correct is one of the important factors of content marketing so readers can trust your blogs and articles more. They also might use your website for citation purposes if you use the stats and figure correctly. 

Get More Reviews

Online reviews are vital since they serve to highlight your company’s reputation, generate sales, and improve your website’s search ranks. And did you know that a sales pitch influences 90% of potential consumers more than a review? It’s critical to understand why client reviews are vital because once you understand their potential benefits, you’ll know what strategies to employ to build your organization. 

What is the significance of reader reviews? User feedback is critical because it sets you up for success. Consider this: 88% of potential buyers trust online evaluations as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends. With this influence, reviews not only raise income but also enhance conversion rates, or the percentage of website visitors who become leads or leads who become customers.

Hire the Experts in the Field

As we know SEO Experts and content writers may not be expert in subject matter of every niche. Therefore it is wise to hire experts in the field. In cases of medical, health and other sensitive niche we must hire the experts to write the contents. Later the SEO experts can optimize the content for ranking in Google.  

Add Bio and Credentials of the Writer

Most people dislike bragging, but this is exactly what you should do when showing E-A-T to Google. Let the world (and Google) know whether you hold a PhD, have spoken at well-known industry conferences, or have received renowned business honors. You can add bio in the footer of the articles and also in the about us page.

Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

The QRG references Wikipedia a few times, and Quality Raters are instructed to look directly to the encyclopedia to help assess reputation. 

Getting backlinks from Wikipedia is very hard, therefore there is no hard and fast strategy to win backlinks from Wikipedia. But you can always check for opportunities, broken links and subject where you can tie your website link into Wikipedia. So getting backlinks from Wikipedia is also a good option to show you have authority on what you write because your article’s link has been linked by Wikipedia.

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